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It gets big so the baby inside can get bigger and stronger.

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Q: Why does your stomach get big when your pregnant?
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Is Miley Cyrus stomach big?

It depends on the person who thinks her stomach to be big or small. if you are asking if she is pregnant, nopes

What physical changes did you notice when you were pregnant?

big stomach.

How do you Tell if my Dalamation Molly is pregnant?

if her stomach is big

Why Does A Pregnant Women Have A Big Stomach?

A pregnant lady has a big stomach because as her baby grows, it takes up room in her uterus. It grows also larger if it is more than one baby. -IQ

How does the female betta look when pregnant?

big around the stomach just like a human!

What will a pregnant zebra fish look like?

the difference is a big dot at the end of the stomach

Why does a pregnant woman have a big stomach?

Because the baby develops inside her womb (below the stomach) and the skin stretches to compensate for the growth of the baby.

What other problems can cause feeling like you are pregnant?

In some cases a stomach cyst can cause you pain and make you stomach bigger and harder. If it grows big enough it will actually look like you're pregnant.

What does it mean when a hamster stomach is really big and hard?

It's either pregnant or dying. Get it to a vet.

Why does a pregnant woman stomach growl?

i am 5months pregnant lady. i am look at no pregnant or not stomach. what is the reason

Is Tiffany thorton pregnant?

No she is not pregnant .. If she was it would show that she has a big stomach and I really don't think she would be on Disney channel for little kids to watch. If she did have a big stomach it would problably mean that shes eating too much chips or something but she is not pregnant. Yes, she is pregnant. She even said it herself that she is pregnant. It happend on Febuary 13, 2012. She said that she is pregnant with their first child. P.S. I crossed the other persons answer cause it is not true.

How can you tell if your hamster pregnant?

If she begins to breathe heavily and has a big stomach, eats alot and runs on the wheel also!