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i wanna know too...i have the same question...

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Q: Why does your period smell like dead bodies?
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Do vampires smell like the dead?

vampires smell like garlic, not like dead people! A dead or angry vampire might smell like undead vampire would smell more like mildew, freshly dug earth, wood, blood, wine or incense. Possibly dead people depending on where he was last...

Does weed smell like a dead skunk?

No plant smells like anything dead. Certain strains of marijuana can smell similar to a skunk.

Period smell and no period?

If you are not on your period, and you feel like you are because of the smell, you probably just have discharge. A clear gooey substance which can smell at times. No reason to worry, if u dont like the smell, consider body spray over clothes.

Does it smell like dead animals on the goldfields?


What did a concentration camp smell like?

Like Fish And Chips I think :D Hope Its Right x

Why cant whales smell?

They smell like the ocean unless they are dead then they smell like sushi!

What would a dead dinosarus smell like?

Most likely they smelled like whatever they walked into.

What is period blood supposed to smell like?

I think that they are supposed to smell like nothing....but then again I am not sure. If it does smell like something, it could be an infection.

What does a dead goldfish smell like?

It is very hard to explain but it doesn't smell good

What are traps are like?

They make the house smell like dead rodents!!

How can you tell if a herment crab is dead?

Smell the tank, if it smells like a dead fish, then a hermie is dead :(:(

Do orphans smell like flowers?

They smell lik whips and chains and dust and dead babies