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most likely because u dont tell him that u like him so he is gonna like someone else and u would be crushed

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There is nothing you can do, but live it with. You can not make someone "like" you and the fact you like him is your problem not his. You will soon get over it.

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Q: Why does your crush like someone else?
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Do you tell your crush that you like him?

You should tell your crush you like him/her eventually or else, your crush might find someone else they like you'll be heartbroken.

Your crush does not like you back?

then go find someone else, hun (:

Why did your crush start a rumour saying you like someone else?

he was imberresed

How do you get a boy to like you but he has a crush on someone else?

The short answer is you cant.Maybe he'll notice you eventually & get bored of his crush?

How do you know if you might have a chance with your crush who seems to like someone else?

You don't. If he seems to like someone else, he does. Believe it or not, he is not the last guy on earth. You will find someone else, move on.

What if your crush doesnt like you?

well try someone else or just do what he likes

If you like someone else what do you do?

tell your trustworthy friends, but not your crush. it will ruin your friendship with him/her.

What do you do when you have a crush a on someone and you already told them that you didn't have a crush on them?

Tell them the truth or else someone else is gonna tell him and then he is gonna have a girlfriend be honest with him if he doesn't like you still like him or look gourgous for him and bring food to school he will be all over you boys like to eat

How do you get your sixth grade crush to like you when were in sixth grade?

just be yourself and if they dont like you then, then find someone else, but in grade 6 its fine to just crush on them

What if your crush is going out with someone else?

Then you decide how strong your feeling are for him, if you can forget about him and have a crush on someone else thn move on but if you realy like him then tell him about your feelings and compete with his gf, show him what hes missing, good luck x

How do you get your crush to like you if they like someone else For example my crush likes my best friend. What do I do?

Technicaly, you can't GET someone to like you. But, you can always be nice, maybe (non-obviously) flirt a little, then, (maybe), eventualy, they might like you. Ta-Da!

What should you do if you if you are 10 years old and like a boy so much but he like someone else?

You are 10 and what you have is a crush. You will get over it.