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Depending On how big both your breasts are if there both about the same size as you hug they can bump each other which can hurt them,the preasure of breasts pushing hard into breasts can hurt them too,try not to let your breasts bump her breasts as you come together for the hug,also when together dont squeeze each other tight as breasts can crush breasts doing that,if your friends breasts are firmer than your breasts that can also be a problem,firm breasts against soft breasts can hurt too. Hope this helps you out .

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Breasts are sensitive to pressure and touch, so when they are pressed against another person's, it can cause discomfort or pain. This is due to the nerves and tissues in the breast being compressed, causing the sensation of pain. It is a common experience and varies in intensity depending on individual sensitivity.

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Q: Why does your breasts hurt when you hug a girl and their breasts touch yours?
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Does squeezing boobs hurt?

Sometimes, especially during a girl's period (when they are quite tender). If you squeeze them hard though it will definitely hurt. If you're trying to turn a girl on though, don't squeeze, caress and be gentle! No.

Why does it hurt your girl when you make love?

Pain during sex can be caused by a variety of factors, such as lack of lubrication, vaginal infections, pelvic floor issues, or emotional concerns like anxiety or past trauma. It's important to communicate openly with your partner, and if the pain persists, encourage her to talk to a healthcare provider to address any underlying issues.

Does it hurt a girl if she ''squirts'' while a penis is inside her?

Squirting is a natural bodily function that can happen during sexual arousal and usually does not cause pain. However, every person's experience is different, so it's important to communicate with your partner and stop if there is any discomfort.

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Headaches can be triggered by various factors, such as muscle tension or stress, which may be exacerbated when pressure is applied to the head during touching or massaging. Additionally, if you are experiencing a headache or migraine, the added stimulation of touching or massaging the head might intensify the pain. It is important to pay attention to how your body responds to these actions and seek medical advice if the headaches persist or worsen.

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I am a young girl breasts hurt why?

if you have entered puberty, your breasts will usually be sore from time to time

What kind of breasts are sensitive to touch?

All breasts are sensitive, there's pressure points all over them and you feel EVERYTHING. The cold hits harder because of it, and the smallest touch can sometimes hurt.

Why do girls breasts hurt?

we girls don't know but there is something in a girl breast that hurt if u keep holding it hard

Why does it hurt when your breasts are growing?

The muscles naturally are sensitive. This can make it painful to touch or move or put pressure on them. It is totally normal for them to hurt a little while growing.

Do breasts have to hurt to ovulate?

Breasts do not HAVE to hurt to ovulate. However, it is often the case that they do. It depends on the person. Some times a womans breasts hurt, while another womans dont.

How do you know when your breasts are growing?

one way to tell if your breast are growing is when u start to feel them hurt and like somethings pushing on the inside of it. also if someone sits on them it will hurt and so you'll know their growing.

Why does your nipples hurt and are staying hard and your breasts are sore?

To a woman, this condition pertains of being stimulated her body that brings sensation all over her body; erect nipples, and swelling breasts. When a man touch the swelled breasts, a tingling feeling arise that leads to a sexual intercourse.

Do breasts hurt after enlargement?

natural growth, no it doesn't hurt

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Are they growing?

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Yes! Very bad!

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