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Depending On how big both your breasts are if there both about the same size as you hug they can bump each other which can hurt them,the preasure of breasts pushing hard into breasts can hurt them too,try not to let your breasts bump her breasts as you come together for the hug,also when together dont squeeze each other tight as breasts can crush breasts doing that,if your friends breasts are firmer than your breasts that can also be a problem,firm breasts against soft breasts can hurt too. Hope this helps you out .

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2011-12-20 03:56:54
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Q: Why does your breasts hurt when you hug a girl and their breasts touch yours?
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I am a young girl breasts hurt why?

if you have entered puberty, your breasts will usually be sore from time to time

What kind of breasts are sensitive to touch?

All breasts are sensitive, there's pressure points all over them and you feel EVERYTHING. The cold hits harder because of it, and the smallest touch can sometimes hurt.

How do you play with a girls breasts?

it depends, first the girl has to agree, and you cant be too hard or you will hurt the girl

Why do girls breasts hurt?

we girls don't know but there is something in a girl breast that hurt if u keep holding it hard

Why does it hurt when your breasts are growing?

The muscles naturally are sensitive. This can make it painful to touch or move or put pressure on them. It is totally normal for them to hurt a little while growing.

When is the right time to touch a girls breasts?

touch her breasts when she communicates to you in a sexual way to show that she is interested ,then slowly work it up , womens breast are tender so go easy so you dont hurt her but also you can please yourself.

Do breasts have to hurt to ovulate?

Breasts do not HAVE to hurt to ovulate. However, it is often the case that they do. It depends on the person. Some times a womans breasts hurt, while another womans dont.

What is it like to get your breasts squeezed?

Well, My boobs have never been squeezed as I am Only 14, squeeze Yours and you will find out :) I'm 11! If first time it may hurt! **

How do you touch a girl?

gently anything pretty much feels good to a girl when you touch her. The main thing you have to keep in mind: whatever you do, do it lightly (too rough and it could hurt).

Do breasts hurt after enlargement?

natural growth, no it doesn't hurt

Breasts hurt what does this mean?

Are they growing?

Why do breasts hurt?

because they are growing

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