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Boys kinda mature slower than us girls. It happens to every girlfriend once in awhile. But dont get your hopes down, the'll mature when the grow chest hair!!! j/k. But they really will!

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Q: Why does your boyfriend still act immature?
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Why does your boyfriend think you farting is funny?

He's immature.

When a young woman complains that men her age are immature could she mean that she has very small breasts and the guys her age are too immature to accept her?

huh? when someone says guys act immature, they just mean that guys act immature. there's no hidden meaning to it.

How can you know if your boyfriend still in love with her ex?

Usually she will flirt with him, or stare at him a lot. And sometimes she will act like shes still with him.

Your boyfriend got arrested today for not going to court when it was scheduled Any words of advice?

Get a new boyfriend. He is irresponsible and immature.

How do you get your boyfriend back when he dumped you but still wants to be with you?

It appears this guy is extremely immature and not ready for any type of commitment. When you love someone you just don't dump them, but still want them. Tell this guy to hit the bricks!

If vannessa hugdens was Chinese will she still act Christian?

yes, weather she is half christian and Chinese, or if she was mixed Chinese and christian sh'll still act christian and wil have a boyfriend.

How can you tell if a shy immature girl likes you?

she will be so immature that she changes for you. but if shes under12 she will act like she hates you.

How do you act immature?

try raising your voice, be obnoxious etc

Is it OK to be tipped by your 14 year old boyfriend?

No, I think that's very immature.

Why cant you get a boyfriend in 6th grade?

Because most boys are really stupid. They are still immature. ( and young) You should wait till 8th grade. That's my opinion. Hope it helps! :)

Are all people immature when they are over the age of 18 and they still watch cartoons daily?

No. Maturity has to deal with how you act and if you can control yourself in situations when others are being dumb and immature. I know people at the age of fifty who still watch cartoons. If your worried that people will think your immature because you watch cartoons, simply don't tell anyone. It doesn't have to be known to everyone and if you work with cartoons its expected

My ex boyfriend's cousin like me and my ex boyfriend act like he really don't care even though he still likes me Why does my ex boyfriend act like he really don't care?

He is acting as if he doesn't care because he is quite jealous! Well, he is showing all the signs of still liking you! It depends on what you feel! Do you like your ex boyfriend or do you like your ex boyfriends couisin? It up to you!