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No, I mean it has been over a year of us having sex, and it still hurts any time he goes fast or hard.

Answer: There may be some health problem. In this case, it is safer to consult with a doctor.

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Q: Why does sex hurt even after a year?
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How does it hurt after sex?

Usually it shouldn't hurt, neither during, nor after, having sex.

Sex in hot tub does it hurt you?

No it will not hurt you.

Why does a woman get hurt her stomach after sex even i didn't get her spermed?

It shouldn't hurt. Might wanna get that checked out... If so... Did she eat something before sex? Cause the heavy blood flow throughout your body is strenuous to weak stomaches....

Is it normal for a woman to like rough sex?

== == If its what you want, it is okay. As long as it doesnt hurt anybody even yourself!

70 year old women will sex hurt?

probably, but it depends how hard ur going. If the guy is pushing it in far then yes it will hurt. If the woman tries to bend, and clicks a bone, then yes it will hurt.

Can a 49 year old woman date a 20 year old boy?

Yes, they can even have sex!

Why does sex hurt when on top?

It shouldn't hurt. You may want to consult a doctor.

Can sex hurt a girl that is not in the puberty stage?

no it does not hurt why may i ask how old are you ?

Did mission san Jose hurt or help California?

it hurt by having sex

What if your a 16 year old virgin and your scared of sex that it might hurt how bad does it hurt and is it worth it and what kind of hurt?

Don't do it! Sex can be scary, especially the first time. And it can hurt -- at least at first. That's why you want to wait until you meet someone you can trust, who will care as much about you as about himself (or herself). Please trust me on this. Sex can be a wonderful thing, but if your first experience is bad, it can spoil it for the future. It's your body, and you should do what feels right for you -- don't get pushed into something you don't want.

Does sex hurt if they go deep or fast?


Can it hurt your butt if you do it in it?

If you are talking about anal sex; yes it can, but it can hurt less with proper lubrication.