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Yes, you can change the setting to make your computer NOT DIM while running on battery power.

1. click on start

2. in "search box" type this-- power options. You should now see this option

appear with other items that your search has found. You will click on the that

option (power options) and this will take you to where you can change the

power plan for running your computer on battery power.

3. (My power plan is set on HP Recommended but which ever your plan is set on

you can still change the laptop setting to NOT DIM while operating on battery

power.) Look to the right of your power plan and you will see Change Plan

Settings. Click on Change Plan Settings.

4. You will see Dim The Display. This is where you can make choices for dimming

or not dimming the display for "on battery" or "plugged in." Click on drop

down arrow and choose the NEVER setting. (I have chosen NEVER for both

"on battery" and "plugged in."

Notice that from here you can change the setting for the brightness of your display, set when to turn off the display and set when to put your computer to sleep for both when your computer is running off the battery or when it is plugged in.

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Q: Why does my Compaq presario 2500 laptop screen dim when it runs on the battery and can it be fixed?
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Did you try F10 at the compaq start screen? Mine is a 6000 but F10 works for mine This document pertains to Compaq Presario Desktop PCs.The Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) contains the code required to control the basic hardware associated with the computer, such as keyboards, display screens, and disk drives. The BIOS is generally used for disabling or enabling devices or device functions. Changes in the BIOS affect the computer even before the operating system has a chance to recognize the device.Use the following instructions to open the BIOS:# Press the Power button to start the computer.NOTE: Pressing F10 opens the BIOS of Compaq Presario desktops 2001 and earlier.Pressing F1 opens the BIOS of the S3000 series, 6400 series, and 2002 models of Presario desktop computers.# Immediately press the F10 or F1 key repeatedly on the keyboard when the logo screen displays.Figure 1: logo screen# If a language selection screen appears, select a language and press Enter .Figure 2: Example of BIOS page (in English)

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