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You have not set it up to be this way. Here is how to fix this problem:

  1. Plug in your iPod Touch.
  2. Open iTunes manually.
  3. Wait for iTunes to figure out that there is an iPod Touch connected to the computer.
  4. Click on the iPod Touch menu in the navigation bar to the left of your iTunes window.
  5. A screen should pop up with an iPod Touch picture and a bunch of tabs at the top of the screen.
  6. Towards the bottom of the screen, there are check mark boxes. Check the one that says 'Automatically open iTunes when iPod is connected'.
  7. Eject the iPod after clicking out of the iPod Touch menu, and it should work now.
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Most Likley your itunes is a later model and your ipod is newer or vise versa.

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Q: Why does itunes not pop up when I plug in my ipod touch?
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Do you haved to charge your ipod touch with iTunes?

you don't have to but if you put it on yes i want itunes to pop up then when you plug in your ipod it will charge automatically

How do you register an iPod Touch on a laptop?

First of all, you have to download iTunes to your laptop. You can download iTunes from the website. Then plug in your iPod Touch. There should be a pop up that asks if you want to register this iPod. Click yes. You will need to create an Apple ID.

How do you set up an ipod touch on iTunes?

well you have to have itunes then you plug in your pod in to your computer and a screen will pop up saying open with..... and then you click i tunes and then tadaaahh its hooked up

When you plug in your iPod touch on PC but it doesnt pop up what is wrong?

When you plug in your iPod touch on PC and it doesn't pop up that means that your iPod is either broken or your PC is not pluged in all the way.

Can you transfer from itunes music to iPod?

Plug in your iPod into the USB Port on your computer, When a Pop-up shows up. Click Sync Or transfer music from ipod to iTunes with an ipod transfer program.

How can you send music from your computer toyour ipod touch?

Plug your charger In The computer and your iPod.. Then a iTunes page should pop up... When it pops up you can open your music page and drag it in to the iTunes page :) if you are using a laptop the sire I personally sugest is: hope I helped :) -jPod

How do you use iTunes?

After you go to itunes you have to plug in your ipod/iphone then something will pop up telling you to click it. Then just download songs or whatever you want to do.

How do you sync your photos from your computer onto your iPod touch?

Plug your iPod into your computer, iTunes should pop up, if not, click on the iTunes icon on your pc screen. Once it comes up click on my device (your ipod) Then on top, not the very top, there should be a bar that says, summary, apps, music and all that, click on photos. Check the box where it says sync photos from, and edit the folder you want it to sync from. After that the photos should be on your iPod touch! =D XxOolovevoloOxX

How do you sync music from PC to iPod touch?

Your able to do it with any iTunes just plug it in an iTunes window should pop up after look on the left side of the window there should be a box that's says iPod touch after or if you already changed the name to whatever you want after the bottom right hand corner it should say sync after that you should b ready to go.... hope this helped

How do you get the iOS 4.3 for iPod touch?

Well, I don't think you can now, the iOS 5 is out for iPod Touch. To get that, plug your iPod into your computer. Click on iTunes if it isn't already up. When iTunes pops up, a box should also pop up*. It should say something about a new software update. Click "Download". Just wait for it to install and, Wa-la! Your software is updated. *This will only pop up if you haven't hit somehing about not showing the software update thing before. (It's a box that you have to check)

How do you make an Ipod On the computer Keys?

Download a free app of the app store called mobile mouse lite and plug in your ipod into your computer and itunes will recognize the app and it will pop up with your ipod on the screen

If you charge your iPod with a strange computer will it sync with that computer?

Most likely not. When you plug in your iPod to your friend's computer, iTunes should pop up and it'll ask you if you want to sync. Click No.