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TYPE IN YouTube:

Ballbusting before she leaves for the night

Great example!

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First of all its not the penis that hurts its the testicles and the reason for it hurting is they're not punch bags. There are a lot of nerves in that area which makes it hurt. Breasts also have a nerves but they also have mammary glands. Depending where you are in your cycle they can be more or less sensitive and hitting them will hurt.

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Getting hit in the penis does not hurt that much. Getting hit in the testicles on the other hand is extremely painful. Reason being is that there are several nerve endings in the testicles. Simultaneously, when a male is hit, the abdominal muscles contract, which causes loss of breath, which is often interpreted as the voice becoming higher. Male's also usually double over because of the muscle contraction, to prevent further damage to the testicles. Males also experience the majority of pain not in the testicles, but in the abdominal cavity, this is because the nerves run to the abdominal cavity, from which the testicles descended so it is where the pain runs to.

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Q: Why does it hurt guys when they get hit in testes?
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