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it hurts>

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Q: Why does it feel like there's an elastic band around the arm or wrist?
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What is the meaning of wristlet?

An elastic band worn around the wrist, as for the purpose of securing the upper part of a glove.

Wear a rubber band around wrist mean?

To remind you to do something. You only remove the elastic when the task is complete.

What color of wrist corsage for white prom dress?

I like these choicesWhite rose(s) with pink band around wristORWhite and Light Pink rose(s) with white or pink band around wristORDaisies with yellow band around wristOR1 white rose and 2 pink petunias with white or pink band around wrist

If a pulling force is exerted on an elastic band then it .?

If a pulling force is exerted on an elastic band, it will stretch and store potential energy as the elastic band is deformed. The band will exert a restoring force back in the opposite direction to its original shape, trying to regain its unstretched position once the external force is removed.

Is a rubber band a synonym for elastic strain? is a stretchy elastic rubber band

What is stretchy elastic?

Stretchy elastic seems to be a trick question for a quiz given in Econ at UP - stretchy elastic is the band around your stomach on a pair of sweats. Good luck out there.

What is a wristband?

A wristband is a band or piece of material worn around the wrist, especially one to support a band, organization or cause.

What is that wristband call of flowers girls wear to the prom?

The wristband that flower girls wear to the prom is commonly referred to as a corsage. It typically consists of flowers attached to an elastic band or ribbon that is worn around the wrist.

What is A small band or chain worn around the wrist?

A bracelet , no matter what the material of which it is made ,

What happens to the elastic band when the force is increased?

The elastic band will start to wear out and eventually break.

What Type of energy stored in an elastic band?

If the elastic band is stretched, there is elastic energy stored in it. That's a type of potential energy.

What is the name of Mother of the bride flower spray?

The flowers the mother of the bride wears is called a "corsage". A corsage can be worn at the wrist on an elastic band or pinned to the clothing at the upper left chest.