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Have you ever noticed the defects to drinking? The first one is, being drunk. And being drunk can lead to drunk driving, which can lead to accidents, which can lead to police on the scene. It can also lead to scars on family and friends. You know, teenagers may drink because of peer pressure, and have little sisters and brothers. If the parents find out, they might crack under the pressure and tell their little ones all about it. They will tell them about beer, and achohol, and peer pressure, and the fact that their big bro/sis just was forced into doing it, either by teasing or just by easily watching their friends. Because of this strong disappointment, both the parents and children will be upset with the victim. The user. The drinker. The kids may refuse to speak to their ex-role model. They may mutter insults behind their back. They may have tempers about to be broken. They may have a mark that has a lasting impression. However, drinking doesn't just harm family relationships! In fact, if parents came in contact with the counselor or principal and talked of the situation, they might give a solution to have the family actually encourage rather than discourage and have the children be kinder to their bigger buddy. So don't think drinking harms family relations too much, because they can lead to good changes in the family too.

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Q: Why does drinking harm family relationships?
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