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He could be shy. I agree he could be shy or have a policy of not dating co-workers. If either of you are in a relationship or married, it's definitely a good idea for him to put space between you, unless you want an emotional and possibly physical affair to occur.

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Q: Why does a guy at work ignore you if you know he has a crush on you?
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How do you know that a guy crush for you?

asking him would work

How does an older guy ignore a teen crush?

dont talk to her shell get the message

Crush on a guy at work?

Get to know him, ask him out for a meal or something. But don't let things get in the way of your work.

How do you know if a guy is really into you?

he will ignore you

Crush on a guy and one of your workmates were joking and said that you were lovebirds and you had to than admit to the guy you did like him but you dont know how he feels about you what do you do?

Wait, you have made your feelings known and he will either respond privately to you or ignore the incident. If he does ignore what you said then move on, he is not interested in you.

How do you know if a guy has a crush on you?

What do you do if people say that you have a crush on a boy and you say no but secretly do?

The best thing to do if people say that a person has a crush on a boy and the other person says no but secretly does is to ignore them. One way to get a guy to know if a girl has a crush on him is to always smile at him.

How do you know if a guy has a crush on you if he is too shy and does not talk to you?

You can try talking to him ... if that doesn't work - forget him.

Your best friend has a crush on this guy This guy actually has a crush on you and you dont know if you have a crush on him what should you do?

happens allthe time

How do you know if asomeone has a crush on you?

If a guy picks on you all the time or always tries to make you laugh or if they always stare at you my advise girls ignore them and they will want you more.

How do you know if a guy you have a crush on likes you?

Ask him!

If you have crush to someone but he has no idea that you have crush on him what will you do to let that guy know that you have a crush on him?

Take your shirt off with him.

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