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He feels that marriage is not worth it, having lost his own fiancee due to his greed for money and he has the opinion that his nephew should not have a burden of a wife. Fred points out that he has and always will love his wife. Scrooge's mind changes and he sees Fred happy and content in his life and understands what he himself has lost.

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Q: Why does Scrooge not like his nephew's wife?
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What are the names of Uncle Scrooge's 3 nephews?

Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck were the three nephews of Uncle Scrooge.

Where does scrooge eat Christmas dinner?

At his nephews home

How did Scrooge react to his nephews question?

He was continually dislissive citing the Fred should "keep Christmas in your way and I will in mine!"

How did Scrooge respond to each of the following his nephews invitation?

He dismissed them aggressively

What do Freds wife and friends think of Scrooge?

They dont like him

Is your husbands nephews wife your niece?

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What is the game called yes and no scrooge witnesses at his nephews Christmas party?

Its similar to the one called twenty questions we have today

What are your brothers wife kids to you?

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What did scrooge wife say had replaced?

Scrooge didn't have a wife, he never married. He was however engaged to Belle whose Scrooges migration to the love of money

How do you spell Scrooge's wife's name?

Scrooge was never married. He was engaged to Belle at one time.

What is one excuse that Scrooge gives for not wanting to go to Christmas dinner at his nephews home?

Scrooge uses Fred getting married as an excuse for not accepting the offer to Chrsitmas dinner. Scrooge had been upset with Fred prior to his marriadge but as Fred had married someone with no money Scrooge saw this as wrong.