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It was originally Jacobs home but Scrooge took it after his death. No one wanted to be with Scrooge and he lived a miserly life with no one to think of or care for him. He had driven people away from him that tried to care for him. However the house was turned in to offices which Scrooge rented out keeping only an apartment for himself.

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Q: Why does Scrooge live in a big houes on his own?
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What lesson does Scrooge learn at the schoolroom?

How to live on his own

What does Scrooge's gravestone say?

hi how are you

Whose path was the ghost going to show Scrooge?

Yes, he showed Scrooge his own grave, untended, as no one would care or mourn his death if he did not change his ways.

What happens when the Ghost of past visits Scrooge?

The ghost takes Scrooge to re-live specific times of Scrooge's own past life and allows him to see the good and the bad of that life and to understand that these events are what made him and that he can not changes these now but he can make changes for the future

Whose headstone does the spirit show to Scrooge?

The spirit shows Scrooge his own headstone in the book.

Where does Scrooge wake up at?

In is own bed

What words of Scrooge's were repeated by the ghost that made Scrooge feel ashamed?

He reminded Scrooge of his own questions "Are there no workhouses? Are there no prisons?" when asked for a donation for the poor and needy.

What name does Scrooge see on the tombstone?

his own name.

Where is Scrooge when ghost of future comes?

He was in his own room

What did Scrooge do to his nephew Fred?

He told him to leave his counting house and keep Christmas In his own way as He (Scrooge) would keep it in his.

Why did the Ghost Of Christmas Present quote Scrooge and own words on two occasions?

To highlight to scrooge his ignorance of what was happening in the world around him

What does Scrooge find out about his own chains?

Scrooge wants to know what the chain means, and why it contains the items it does. Marley explaines that his (Marley's) chain was forged to that size 7 years previously, and now Scrooge's will be 7 times longer.