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In the United States, Santa comes on Christmas Eve, after boys and girls are fast asleep, to bring Christmas gifts to children, who will find them on Christmas.

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Q: Why does Santa come on Christmas?
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When will Santa come to you?


How does Santa come into houses on Christmas Eve?

santa is not real

Does Santa come on Christmas night?

Santa comes on the 25

When does santa come to Scotland on Christmas?

After dark on Christmas Eve.

When does Santa come in Jamaica?

Christmas Eve.

When does santa come and give presents to kids?

on the night of Christmas eve

Will Santa come after Christmas eve?

Yes, Santa loves you and will find a way.

When does Santa come the night before Christmas Eve or the night before Christmas?

on Christmas eve

Why does Santa come on Christmas Eve?

so everybody knows that santa is real and not retired

Does santa claus come when you wish him to come?

No he only comes on Christmas Eve.

Does Santa come in Minecraft and when?

No, Santa does not come in Minecraft. There is no Santa mob or anything special that happens around Christmas, although sometimes Mojang temporarily implements a special little thing e.g Christmas themed chests.

What if you don't have Christmas Lights will santa still come?