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hi there, you are pregnant( get a pregnancy test) , or sick ( go see a doctor).. Bye. xx

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Q: Why do you randomly start feeling like you have to throw up?
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blood circulation possibly when cold

How do you feel when you have rabies?

you have atingly wierd feeling like about to throw upp

How do you know if he like you?

you get that funny feeling in you stomach after he kiss you when you feel like you going to throw up

What does qualm mean?

qualm is a feeling of sickness, like your gonna throw-up.

When feeling like you need to throw up but never do is that considered morning sickness?


At how many months do you start feeling like you want to throw up?

For me, the strong nausea hit at about 5 weeks. But not every woman has morning sickness, and when it starts can vary from woman to woman.

What does nausea feel like?

Usually, you have the feeling of dizziness and or light-headedness and the desire to throw-up.

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it doesnt like u

What are the overdose symptoms of carbohydrates?

feeling gross and like you're about to throw up. also includes feeling high energy at one moment and extremely lethargic at the next.

What is the medical term meaning sick to your stomach?

If you are talking about the feeling like you want to throw up, the term is nausea.

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