Why do you like being spanked?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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I kno that boys and men like being spanked and fantasize about it while wanking for some reason it makes us horny thinking about being bent over and spanked

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Q: Why do you like being spanked?
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What does spanked and diapered mean?

Some people do like being spanked and diapered. This is often referred to as a fetish since it can incite arousal.

Is is normal for cats to like to be spanked?

NO, would you like to be spanked? Cat's like to be rubbed and sometimes hard but not spanked.

Should your child like being smacked or spanked?

Can't really answer. It is not usual. It would be strange behavior.

Do kids like to be spanked?


In victorious why does tori get her butt spanked by a lobster?

i like watching tori getting spanked

Is it normal for a teen to like to be spanked?


What is another word for being screwed?

layed spanked. You should Know this.

What percentage of men like to be spanked?

twenty percent

Which celebrity would you like to be spanked by?

Justin Beaver

Do all kids need to be spanked?

no. if a child doesnt listen and when u spank them, they do listen but thy lose respect for you.

Where would temporary magnets be used?

Where your mom was spanked hardly for being a bad girl

Why do parents think spanking is good?

Children remember pain and if they get spanked for acting up then they will tend to act up less because they don't want to get spanked. I am 15 i remember being spanked. Now my parents yell at me and ground me and it doesn't do much to keep me out of trouble.