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Extra estrogen

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Q: Why do you feel sick when im pregnant?
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Can i feel sick in the morning when im on my period as if it were morning sickness?

Yes you can, even if your not pregnant hormones from periods make u feel sick.

You are cramping after eating does that mean you are pregnant?

Yes it does, im 15 and i think im pregnant, i feel cramped up after eatin and feeling sick. im going to the docs to see if i am tho .. i had sexual intercourse a day ago and you don't normally feel anythin but i am ..

Im not pregnant but sometimes you feel morning sickness can this be that im pregnant?

If you are not pregnant then no you cannot be pregnant.

How can you test if im pregnant?

when you feel like your gaining weight or when your always hungry and craving foods and feeling sick and moody!

Do you feel sick and get headaches when you have worms?

you might be pregnant

You feel sick every night Are you pregnant?

You could very much so be! Im 9 weeks pregnant and I dont have any nausa until about 9pm! And its been that way since I was 5 weeks!

You are 4 weeks pregnant you feel sick but have not been sick Is this normal?

Ask your Mom

Im not felling sick and im six week pregnant is this normal?

It is completely normal to not feel sick. I have two children and didn't get sick at all with my first, not so lucky the second time around. Don't worry and enjoy this special time. You are the envy of many women in your shoes...good luck!

Could you be pregnant if you feel sick for no apparent reason?


What if your breast don't be hurting or you don't feel sick but you do feel kicking could you be pregnant?


Why do you feel sick at a new school?

because im nerves

Does it mean im pregnant when you feel like im going to throw up?

No... :)