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Q: Why do you fantasize about your girlfriend cheating on you with a well-endowed guy?
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If a guy is cheating on his girlfriend does he like the girl that he is cheating on with his girlfriend?

maybe, maybe not.If he spends more time with the girl he is cheating on.

How do you know if a guy you work with likes you if he has a girlfriend?

then he must be cheating on you if he has a girlfriend? i mean if he likes you and has a gf then he must be cheating and wanting you?

What is the word for a guy that kisses with his best friends girlfriend?


How can I tell if my girlfriend is cheating?

She looks more at the guy than you. Check her phone.

What does it mean when your dating a guy with a girlfriend?

It means that you shouldn't trust him because he is cheating!!

Does it mean your girlfriend is cheating if she calls a guy bae?

maybe. one it could be she just likes him. or two she could be cheating.

How do you know when your girlfriend cheating on you?

Ask her if shes cheating on you! Nah im kidding i dont know sorry ? :( and im a guy

You are dating a guy with a girlfriend you like him so much what can you do to let him broke up with her?

Frame her cheating on another guy

What is classed as cheating?

Anything your girlfriend (assuming you are a guy) would not want you doing with the opposite sex. Basically, if you are doing something with someone that you would not do in front of your girlfriend, then you are cheating. Cheating has to do with violating your girlfriend's trust. Some girlfriends may not care if you give another girl a massage, while some may. If your girlfriend is in the latter category, then you are cheating if you do it.

What does it mean when a guy that's in a relationship takes girls numbers and hides them from his girlfriend?

He's cheating on her.

Is it good for guy to fantasize about another guy?

no. never that is just gross.

Why would my girlfriend talk to the same guy for a few hours every day but barely talk to me?

If your girlfriend talks to the same guy every day, but barely talks to you, she is definitely cheating on you.