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I can't answer that.

Mabey your in love or mabey your in shock or your just going blank

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Q: Why do you always have nothing to say?
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What do you text to your boyfriend when there is nothing else to say?

Always tell him that you love him

Are Judgment based activies sports?

every thing in life as people always say nothing

Why does my mum always say I do nothing around the house?

Perhaps you really don't help much.

What if he sometimes has nothing to say?

That's fine. You don't always need to talk - sometimes its nice to just be able to enjoy one anothers company without always having to say something.

Did Oscar Wilde say always forgive your enemies?

No, this quote is often misattributed to Wilde. He did say, "Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much," but the original saying is by Oscar Levant.

What does it mean when a girl says 'I love you.' but when you say it she doesn't say it back?

Probably nothing, people are not "robots" that always respond as you might expect.

Do you say 'nothing is' or 'nothing isn't'?

Generally, nothing is. if you want to say nothing isn't, you can say something is

What does it mean when people say love is love?

It means that they love you for you and nothing else matters. (You can be yourself and they will always love you.)

When was Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing created?

Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing was created in 1982.

Is it correct to say always says?

Yes, it is correct. I always say that! You always say that! She/he always says that! They always say that! We always say that! just to add, My teacher always says that!

What special adaptation does a Black Sea bass have?

It's black, so if it's deep underwater, nothing can see it and by that, nothing can eat it. Like they always say, if you can't see it, you can't get it.

My ex bf sends emails but has nothing good to say always accusing me of sleeping around?

Just tell him to leave you alone