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To sexually arouse the man

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Q: Why do women rub their breast against a Man?
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Why do women rub their breast against a Man's arm?

It is mostly used as a sexual body language and can be used while flirting it is usaully one of the two above but cn be a coincedence

Can a man rub his own nipples for pleasure?

No, It is very dangerous many scientists say that it is one of the main leading to male breast cancer. Do NOT do it or you have a 60% Chance of getting breast cancer

Do your breast get bigger if you rub edible butter on them?


How bring out nippels from breast?

give them a rub

How does a women pillow hump?

I guess they just rub their clitoris against the pillow and the continuous friction arouses them sexually.

What do men do to satisfy themselves without a women?

I Rub my dick get it nice and hard and if I have a man in the room I have him suck it

How do rub her breast?

Cup it in your hand and push upwards.

What happens if you rub pyrite against steel?

If you rub pyrite against steel sparks would fly.

I want to have breast milk again how do I do it.?

press and rub your boobs daily. if you have any boyfriend then you say him to suck your breast for 2-3 hr. then your breast milk again came out.

Do women like guys rub their feet?

I'm sure I speak for millions of women when I say that a foot rub is always appreciated. However, I don't know of any women who admit being turned on by a foot rub, if that's what you mean.

How can you sex ourself?

its called mastrabuting men: rub your cock women: rub your clit

What does it mean when a girl shoves your hand on her chest?

(this is from a female) she wants to to rub and squeeze her breast.