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That is not always true. Some people simply tend to be warmer than others

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Q: Why do women have colder hands than men?
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Do women tend to have colder hands than men?

men have colder hands

Why do the men in the office always want the air conditioner turned on higher - so the office is colder - than do the women?

Women's blood vessels are closer to the surface of the skin than those of men, meaning that their temperature drops and rises more easily. In addition, men have more muscle mass, which keeps them warmer than women.

Why do Cuban men kiss women on their hands?

Because women like to have their hands kiss as a sign of respect.

Do boys or girls have bigger hands?

On average, men tend to have larger hands compared to women. This is due to differences in physical growth and development between males and females. However, hand size can vary greatly among individuals regardless of gender.

Why do girls and women shake hands with men?


Why was it difficult for the primitive men and women to migrate to colder regions?

Primitive men and women faced challenges migrating to colder regions due to lack of suitable clothing, shelter, and food sources adapted to the cold climate. Their primitive tools and technology were also not sufficient to withstand the harsh conditions of colder regions.

Are the population of men more than women?

Their are more women than men :)

What ideas would not be appropriate for an essay comparing men with women?

Women are better than men.

Why are men quicker than women?

Men are quicker than women because men have more muscle.

How men and women react in different situation?

Men are good in the physical type than women. Women are more intelligent than men

What is true about woman in the workforce in the early 1960s?

Women had fewer job opportunities than men did in the 1960s.

Why do men run faster than women?

The men's body is actually built stronger than the women. It is also easier for men to gain muscle than women.