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Maybe because your spelling and grammar is less than perfect. Try improving the way you speak and write. Sometimes all it takes is a small change like that to become attractive. Maybe you are a super hottie, but the way you speak is weird. Try to adopt the way that people speak around you, or the way that the person you like speaks.

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Q: Why do women find me unattractive?
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sometimes it depends who you are

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Given their popularity, I would say that women may find them attractive, or at least not unattractive on another person.

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yes, its not all about looks

Do men find moaning unattractive?

It depends

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That all depends what attention they seek from. Some women seek more attention from cute girls than unattractive guys but it can be vice-versa. That depends. Mac

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Because they're unattractive and men are very visual. Fat women are different. Most of them tend to have an attitude.

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