Why do people like to be naked?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Not all people like to be naked. Some people like being "al natural". Some like to air dry after a bath or shower. There are also some health conditions, such as systemic neuropathy, that make it painful to wear clothing. (Systemic neuropathy is widespread body pain in nerve endings, so normal sensations feel "painful".) In some developmental disorders associated with Autism, children respond with a startle or pain symptoms whenever anything touches their skin-- whether a hand patting them on the back, or even clothing. Some of these kids tolerate clothing for school hours, but come home and undress.

As a side note, enjoying being naked is different from "exposing oneself" in public. Public indecency is a crime, whether the motivation is simply because a person likes their own nakedness-- or whether the person is engaging in deviant or sexual misbehavior.

Also, some countries completely forbid public nudity and require citizens (especially women) to cover their faces, arms, and legs. Other countries have designated places for some limited nudity, such as nude beaches. Most countries have more stringent laws which require public decency within general standards of normalcy.

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Q: Why do people like to be naked?
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