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  • it's a way to express affection
  • it feels good
  • to say sorry or to say thank you
  • etc.
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Q: Why do people hug other people?
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Why wont my friend hug me but she'll hug other people?

maybe because she does not have strong feeling about you

What can people do to bring about world peace?

Hug someone for no reason other than giving a hug.

What can be learned by studying minerals?

hug other people

Is it right for your girlfriend to hug other guys while you are in a long distance relationship?

Yes, it's formal to hug other people to show that you appreciate them. People not only hug as a sign of a relationship and love but they also show it as a sign of friendship. You have to trust her otherwise why else would you love her?

International hug people week?

International Hug People WeekInternational Hug People Week is where you hug people all week.You have to hug everyone. Everyone like your family, your friends, people you have a crush on, people you hate, and everyone else. If you hug everyone on this list you will have good luck and it's proven to be true, but if you don't you'll have bad luck for the rest of the week. International Hug People Week is November 8th through November 15. The reason we have this is so we can make new friends. Have a wonderful Hug people week.

Does a guy like you if he likes hugging you?

no, if guys hug other people it is just for affection

What is the hug?

hug day is when you hug people on a day that is just meant for hugs no kiss just hugs on hug day.

What does it mean if a girl doesn't hug you but lets you hug her at the same time?

It means she may be uncomfortable at hugging you or other people. But she is too nice to tell you to back off when you hug her. Or it could be that she is not sure what to do when you hug her. Maybe she's uncomfortable at being touched or hugged.

What is the hug day?

hug day is when you hug people on a day that is just meant for hugs no kiss just hugs on hug day.

How are people hug?


Do Italian people hug kiss or shake hands to greet each other?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! DUUUUHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

What is the difference with a hug that just holds a person and patting them while you are hugging?

A hug that just holds a person is standing still with your arms around each other. A hug when you pat each other is when you hug and you pat them on the back. The patting hug is normally shorter.