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this site is all false and should be committed of illegal theft and do not answer any of your questions with this site I give it a zero review and I'm gonna give them a bad report review online I will not sleep until this company is down in the dirt

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Q: Why do people have to make choice?
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What lets people make an economic choice?

people choose economic choice because they want to earn money for their family also for themselves.

How can you get out of doing dares?

The people who dared you can't actually make you do's your choice.

Why did people have to make more slaves?

people had no choice they were forced to have sex to create more slaves for there owners :(

What makes people use marijuana?

Nothing makes people use it. It's just a choice many people make.

Which is correct for the name of an award People's Choice or Peoples' Choice?

People's Choice

How do you make people knock on your bedroom door?

Keep your door locked,so then,people will have to knock,as there is no other choice for them.

How do you get a guy who does not like you to want to text you?

You don't . People have choice and you can not make someone like you.

How did Muhammad get all these people to become Islams?

He presented the truth and ppl had a choice to make from there

Why did they make that choice?

Why did WHO make WHAT choice? You didn't specify either.

Are they going to make a transformers4?

I am not sure but people say they is transformers 4 but really it is bays choice

What would be the most difficult choice for you to make between two people or things?

good or bad.

Why did God create evil people only so they could burn in Hell later?

God created all people but He did not make them evil. All people have free choice. If people prefer to live wanton, destructive lives, that is their choice and not something they were created with.