Why do people have cellulite?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Cellulite or Fat to some extent is a good thing. Too little cellulite and your body will experience too much of the extreme of cold or hot without protection. People have to have some fat in their diet to maintain healthy levels of this protection layer within the body. Its when people accumulate large quantities of cellulite that the dangers occur putting stresses and damage on other areas of the body.

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Q: Why do people have cellulite?
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Will anorexia get rid of cellulite?

Yes, it is possible. Not all anorexics are underweight, and cellulite can appear on "thin" people. Cellulite is in realtion to the distribution of fat, not the amount of fat present, so it is possible for anorexics to have cellulite.

Do models have cellulites?

Yes, models do and can have cellulite. Despite what many people may think, cellulite is not reserved for the overweight. Age and lifestyle play a huge part in cellulite. Nicky Hilton is a model who reportedly has cellulite.

What is cellulite?

The cellulite is fat accumulation on the body. An appareil cellulite can be used to make your body free from cellulite. The appareil cellulite is a very easy way to remove cellulite.

Do men have Cellulite?

Men can get cellulite too. Try Revitashape cellulite cream.

Do older people get more cellulite than the young?

Yes, older people typically have more cellulite than younger people. One major reason is that elasticity of the skin gets bigger as one gets older.

How useful is a cellulite remover in removing pimples?

A cellulite remover does what it says: remove cellulite. Pimples are no cellulite, so it does not work if one uses an cellulite remover. If one wants to remove pimples there are other solutions available.

Which food can kill cellulite?

there is no food that can kill cellulite

How do you say cellulite in French?

It is the same word - cellulite

How accurate is a cellulite machine?

A cellulite machine is fairly accurate. Although the cellulite machine may not be hundred percent accurate, the cellulite machine is about sixty percent accurate.

Where can reviews for cellulite cream be found?

You can find reviews for cellulite cream when you go to the website of Cellulite Support. On this site, you can get reviews and ratings of different brands of cellulite cream.

Why do women get cellulite?

Most of the women get cellulite because of their genes. In most cases women's who has more weight there are more chances of cellulite. By eating a healthy diet we can control cellulite.

How do you get rid of arm cellulite?

You can rid cellulite by doing exercise.