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they have belly buttons because they have them okii

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Q: Why do penguins have belly buttons?
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Do penguins have belly buttons?

Birds do not have belly buttons. Belly buttons are formed when the umbilical cord connects the baby to the mother. Only mammals give birth to live young in this way, so only mammals have belly buttons. Mammals are the animals who have hair and feed their young with milk.

Do hamsters have belly buttons?

Yes, hamsters do have belly buttons

Do all things have belly buttons?

Things generally don't have belly buttons. All placental mammals have belly buttons.

Do gorrillas have belly buttons?

Yes in fact all mammals have belly buttons which is super fascinating but they are straight unlike our human belly buttons!

How come Chinese people don't have belly buttons?

Oh, but they do have belly buttons.

Do giaraffes have belly buttons?

Yes! all mammals have belly buttons. When we are growing in our mothers belly we are joint by an umbilical cord then when we have been born the umbilical cord gets cut and that is why we have belly buttons.

Do pigs have belly buttons?

All mammals have belly buttons so yes pigs have belly buttons and so do elephants.

Does belly buttons grows on trees?

No. Belly buttons are part of human bodies, and as such, do not grow on trees.

Do your belly buttons started going in when you are pregnant how is your belly buttons supposed to look when you are pregnant?

When your pregnant your belly gets bigger,and your belly button just sticks out there.

Do alagaters have belly buttons?


Do squid have belly buttons?


Do boys have different belly buttons than girls?

No, a belly button is a belly button.