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Parents do not want to lie to their kids about things such as the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus but the reason why they opt to do the lying is because they want kids to have hope in things that other people might not have hope in.

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Q: Why do parents lie to us about the Easter bunny and Santa Claus and even the tooth fairy?
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Does Santa Claus have a harder job than the Easter bunny?

yes santa claus has a harder job than the easter bunny

Name someone who children believe in?

Santa Claus God Tooth Fairy Easter Bunny Parents

What does the Easter bunny do in the winter?

He is Santa Claus at Christmas time

What do people call the Easter bunny and Santa Claus?

Saint Nic, Saint Nicholas, Santa, Santa Claus, Father Christmas, and far far more

Will Santa Claus get you everything you asked for?

no he's fake, its probably just your parents lying to you, also the Easter Bunny isn't real, the same with the tooth fairy

Well if Santa Claus is real then what about the Easter bunney?

The Easter unny is not real it is your Mum that's the Easter bunny.

It is ok to let your kid believe in Santa Claus the Easter bunny and Teeth fairy?


Do samurai warriors believe in Santa Claus?

Certainly and the Easter bunny too, but not the tooth fairy

Who is a child's most anticipated visitor?

Santa Claus, Grandparents, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny

What do santa Claus Easter bunny and the tooth fairy have in common?

They are all mythical or fictional characters.

What is the Easter bunny's favorite holiday?

Easter Bunny's favorite thing about Easter is sending every body's eggs to there house.

How does a person know if God is telling them to do something?

It's probably just the Easter bunny or Santa Claus