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Guys wink at you because they pretty much have no other way to be flirty.

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To flirt.

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Q: Why do guys wink at you'?
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Why was he looking at you wean you were walking you see him looking at you do guys just look at girls?

maybe he's interested in you *nudge nudge wink wink*

Why guys do wink at girls?

My male friend winked at me recently during another friend's birthday party. I got 'attracted' for that split second, then he told me, " That's how boys try to attract girls." You see, I guess... Guys wink to girls when they try to attract them. In my case, it was a playful wink. That could be another reason.

What cute things do girls do that guys love?

Guys love when girls do cute things like flip their hair, smile, wink, and giggle at their jokes.

What does it mean when a lot of guys wink at you for no reason?

Maybe he thinks your hot or something, or maybe it's just a joke.

How do you say wink wink?

By saying Wink Wink :D

Meaning of college life?

to have "FUN" wink wink ;;; to have "FUN" wink wink ;;;

What does it mean when a lot of guys wink at you and your friends?

it could mean that they think your fit but they could also just be being prats and leading you on :/

What wink 106 number?

If you are talking about the music station wink 106, then, it is 732 wink.

What does clignez mean in french?

Wink (' to wink')

What rhymes with ink?

BLINK, DRINK, SLING, LINK, SINK, SHRINK, WINK, HOPE THIS WORKS 4 U GUYS ;)stink, pink, rink, think, blink, kink, brink, rink, sink, link, wink, shrink, zinc,, link sink

Where is the Wink Branch Library in Wink located?

The address of the Wink Branch Library is: 109 N Roy Orbison Dr, Wink, 79789 M

What does it mean when a guy texts you wink heart wink heart?

Guys can send many of mixed signals. When a guy tests you a wink, heart, wink, heart, most likely this means he has a crush on you, yet, does not necessarily want to just come right out and say so. Maybe due to what he thinks your reaction could possibly be.