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they are just trying to bad asses and think there are the boss. :)

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Q: Why do guys talk bad about girls they like?
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Do guys like girls who talk a lot?

Those random female talkers are interesting I guess.But those who bad-timingly talk too much are the most annoying, like when guys are tired.

Do girls like good guys or bad?

good girls like good boys and bad girls like bad boys

Do girls like smart guys if their not bad looking?

If they're nice guys. And girls can like guys even if he's ugly. :)

Do guys make up rumors about girls that they like and talk about them in a bad way?

they make up rumors if they are nervous about dating you

Why do guys like bad girls?

So girls can take risk with the guys taking risk

How do girls want guys to talk to them?

Girls opinionGirls want guys to talk to them nicely! Give girls compliments and stuff like that! Girls always want a guy to be polite and sweet to them! ButIf its a girl who likes bad boys IDK what to tell you! I always want a guy to me a gentleman like funny sweet guinuine u know normal

Why do most girls like the bad guys or guys that don't respect them?

Its a phase they will grow out of it.

Why do all girls like bad guys?

relationships are all about power and the chase. girls like bad boys because they are a challenge for them

Do guys like classy or bad girls?

They like hot and fiesty girls they like a lady in the streets but freaks in the sheets

Do guys talk about girls like girls talk about guys?

"If they are types to gossip, then yes. A guy would be considered a freak if he didn't want to talk about girls. A guy doesn't have to be the type to gossip either." Most guys do not discuss what girls they like with their friends. They do not want to be seen as a failure amongst their "boys" if they do not manage the courage to actually ask the girl out. A guy might say that a girl is "hot" or "bad". Trying to get the girl is almost a given, so why even discuss it. Girls seem more calculated and they usually do not ask the guy out. So they usually talk about the guy and/or fantasize about how their relationship would be like.

What do girls like in music?

they like it because it helps them get over stuff that they feal is bad like guys we usually beat the leaving life out of someone if they talk about us or hurt us

Do girls like it when guys smile at them?

Yeah girls love that they think its cute but not if they upset or they feel bad about somthing but make sure the smile is nature or your look real creepy and girls love it when you smile when they talk to you.

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