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because men can suck there dirt ooooooh delicious

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โˆ™ 2009-01-12 19:03:08
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Q: Why do guys take girls underwear?
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Why do girls show their underwear?

They want to get guys.

What kinda underwear do guys like girls to wear?


Is thong underwear attractive?

for guys to see it on girls, a big YES!

Do guys finger girls with underwear on?

No, to be fingered it usually has to be without underwear on...Because the fingers need to be inserted in the vagina...

Do girls like guys in their underwear?

Guys are more like dolls to us we change their atitude and clothes and they are perfect

Do girls like underwear models?

Do guys like Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition?

Why do girls always wear underwear?

I'm guessing that this is a guy so........ why do guys wear underwear. Yeah, it's pretty simple. Hope I helped:)

If a girl and guy wearing underwear and guys sperm come out in his underwear and it touches girls underwear and then guy do fingering through her underwear will girl get pregnant?

yes the girl will get pregnant if sperm gets intoher vagina

Is it gay for men to wear girls underwear?

No. You are only gay if all (or most) of your sexual fantasies and activities involve other guys. What you have is a "thing" for girls' underwear. This may be because of how they feel, or because you're into cross-dressing. Lots of straight guys have this "thing" NO YOUR GAY

What underwear do teenage guys wear?

Teenage guys are as different as anyone else. Underwear is a personal preference. Different guys wear different types of underwear.

Why do girls always pull there crouch?

Girls wear underwear just like guys do, and it has a tendency to ride up and become uncomfortable. Chances are, these girls are getting wedgies out.

Why do guys like bad girls?

So girls can take risk with the guys taking risk

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