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I have no idea as to why guys catch a quick glance except to say they must have no guts to try and hide it from their girlfriends. Personally and I'm a guy, I don't catch a quick glance, I take a good look. There's nothing wrong with looking at the menue, as long as you don't touch and that goes for both sexes.

I find that very offensive that a guy would look at me as if her were "looking at the menue." were not objects, and were not there simply for your visual pleasure. we ALL want to be cherished and protected, loved for who we are, even girls who put out their body for all to see. theyve just decided tht real love is too costly or doesnt exist, but that's still what they want deep inside. don't "take a good look," because contrary to what the young man above said, there is something very wrong w/ it even if you don't touch. its called lust. every guys gonna notice the girls w/ nice looking bodies, but they cannot entertain their desires by taking advantage of a girl that way. a gentleman would divert his eyes and concentrate on something else. thanks, but that kind of guy is the kind of guy id get rid of fast.

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I agree with the person below this guy. -I raise an eyebrow- I'd get rid of a guy like that really fast as well.. If you're not going to concentrate on ME...then goodbye.. -I smile politely- If I catch my love "looking at the menue" then in MY eyes and any other womens eyes...he's not worthy of looking at US...we're real.. you don't need to glance or look at someone else when you HAVE a girlfriend... you're just asking to be labeled a lustful pervert..or a pig...and you're just asking to be alone THEN you can look at whoever you want and fantazise about anyone you want. If you are like this "young man" above you aren't going to get very far in any relationship with any girl if you're going to be checking out someone else.

I don't know why men snatch quick glances.... They are controlled by their 'ahem' Sexual drive I'd say. Not all guys are like that though...some have control. Guys are lustful and enjoy the sight of a beautiful woman...they can't exactly help themselves..but they should get some common sense if they have a girlfriend that they find BEAUTIFUL...If they want to keep this woman in their lives..they should really concentrate on HER and HER only.


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Guys may take quick glances for various reasons, such as being attracted to someone, checking out their surroundings, or simply being curious. It is a common behavior for many people, not just guys, and can be a quick, subtle way to gather information or show interest.

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Q: Why do guys snatch quick glances all the reasons why?
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