Why do guys obsess over girls they like?

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2009-07-04 05:35:49

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ITs a fact that guys talk more about girls than girls do about guys because girls tend to talk a lot about social issues where as guys would talk about girls in that time.

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2009-07-04 05:35:49
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Q: Why do guys obsess over girls they like?
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How do you make a boy happy?

Play hard to get but DO NOT over do it... also... studies have shown guys like girls that do not over obsess on things like makeup or clothes to get guys attention, they like a girl who doesnt care about looks

How can you use obsess in a sentence?

If you really like someone or something, you might obsess over them/it.

What do you do when you tell the boy you like that you like him and he doesn't do anything?

Find out where he lives, everything he does and follow him everywhere. Boys love when girls obsess over them.

Do girls like tanned guys?

Yes but not over tanned

How come guys do not like over weighted girls?

guys are stupid. some guys dont like fat girls bcuz they dont think they r as pretty. THEY ARE RONG

Why does Snookie obsess over pickles?

she like the shape of them

Why do girls like thongs?

Because girls think they look sexy and when they bend over some times guys look at girls butts and if the thong was there guys might see it and guys live for that stuff!

Are you gay if you like looking at guys bending over?

No, girls do it all the time.

Do girls like boys in jocks?

I would think that most girls like sporty guys. Yeah most girls do like sporty guys. I play football and basketball and girls are all over me. It also helps if you workout some also.

Why do teenage girls obsess over the way they look?

I am not really sure they just do. i think its a popularity thing.

Do girls like ripped guys?

Girls like guys with muscles and six pack and all that, but they think body builders are scary, so dont go too over the top!

Do guys like to kiss more than girls?

yes. Jocks drool over cheerleaders. and girls are more attractive than guys in this world *sighs*

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