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Why do guys like to touch the girls ass

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It’s nice and smooth

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Q: Why do guys like to touch girls ass?
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Why parts of a girls or woman's body do sexual behavior guys get excited about and want to touch?

Coming from a guy, guys are most excited by a girls ass, and her breasts.

Is it gay to look at other guys ass I'm a guy but look at girls ass as well?

Looking at other people's body parts doesn't make you gay or straight. But if you feel a sexual attraction to both guys and girls, then you are bisexual.

Do girls like it if you touch their ass when kissing?

it depends on who the girl is and if your relationship with her is very far if not i wouldn't even try because there is a high chance you will get smacked

If you like this girl who has no idea who you are how should you ask her out?

touch her ass

Were to touch a girl ass?

do this if you want go to her then touch her ass and walk like you dont know anyfine but if she sees you tell her sorry i just bamp into you

Why do girls get upset if you touch their breast or their ass?

Girls get upset when boys who aren't their boyfriends touch their breast and butts in public or when it is uncalled for. So just do it if she is your girlfriend and your by yourselves its the safest way to do it.

If you like dilidos up yout ass but your not attracted to guys and love girls does that in any way make you gay?

No it's just sex, not an indiciation on who you fall in love with.

What are the names of the girls in Eminem's 'Ass Like That' music video?

There are four girls in Eminem's music video 'Ass Like That.' Their names are Elke, Azzareya, Ahni Luv, Love Barnett.

Where do teenage girls like to be held on their body?

some girls like being held on their ass it makes them feel like u think they have a ass and some other girls are shy and just like it wen u put your arms around there waist or just give them a hug girls love tight long hugs.

Can girls get pregnant in the ass?


Do any guys like girls with a flat butt my butt is flat and boys in school never talk to me only to girls with at least some ass or is it just me?

That's really just you. A girl's butt is probably the least important thing of all to most guys, and in no way would it ever be what decides whether a guy talks to you or not.

Do guys like girls who are nice to them or can the girls tease them a bit?

well, im a guy and in my opinion i think it's pretty bad ass when a girl starts teasing you and stuff, but it's also pretty cool when a girl is nice to you. so both of them would be ok.

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Why parts of a girls or woman's body do sexual behavior guys get excited about and want to touch?

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