Why do guys have sperm?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Men produce sperm for the purpose of reproducing.

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Q: Why do guys have sperm?
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How do guys get sperm in their hand?

They fap

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Is sperm in the guys balls or in the penis?


What is the change of DNA when a guys eat another guys sperm?

What the actual f**k

Do guys like other guys sperm?

The majority of guys do not like other guys semen. (sperm is what swims in your semen) Some guys who are not bisexual or gay might like semen in general. Not all bisexual and gay guys like other guys semen. Those bisexual/gay guys who like other guys semen... like it a lot.

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No it can not.

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this kills sperm cells

Where does the sperm enter the women?

From what I know, all the guys have to do is release the sperm inside a women and it goes into their womb.

Some guy releases sperm everyday from age of 14 is there any problem after marriage?

No guys who shed their sperm everyday are healthier as they have fresh sperm in them.

If you are pregnant and a guys sperm gets inside of you does it all come out?