Why do guys hate seeing girls cry?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Our culture teaches that guys shouldn't show any strong emotions except anger. They simply don't know what it means or how to deal with it. If they were that empathetic, they would be crying with you.

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Q: Why do guys hate seeing girls cry?
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Do you hate seeing one direction cry?

When they cry, I cry.

When girls cry why do boys care so much?

We always care, but we hate to hurt girls hearts, and seeing a girl cry is the best and worst thing on the planet, seeing a girl cry makes me feel terrible inside and want to make them happy or smile. Maybe its just because i love girls so much.

In love why boy only cry why dont girl cry?

Actually girls are more emotional than guys. they tend to cry and cry (i am pertaining to girls) while guys tends to hold their emotion and usually they'll cry alone.

Why to guys cry?

they are also humans and living things its not that only girls are given the right to cry

Do guys ever cry?

yes, boys have emotion just like girls.

Is it true that guys are weird and girls are complicated?

yes guys and girls are almost the same girls cry alot i mean i am a girl and everything but we are very complicated guys are more free will they will almost always say yes unlesss your a looser!

How do guys feel when us girls cry?

== == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==

Do guys find it weird when girls cry over them?

no they dont. some feel happy because they think they are all cool cuz they got a girl crying over them. DONT CRY OVER GUYS. there are more fish in the sea

Why do you hate babys?

You don't hate them you just hate when they cry it a disaster

Are guys okay with girls who don't cry very easily?

yes besides a guy doesnt like listening to a girl talking on and on

Why girls like a kids?

because their behaviour is like a kids. girls easily get angry and sometime they may cry in a class if some guys speak loudly with them..... so it is difficult to understand a girls and their behaviour

What do you do when you hate your aunt?

I cry