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Coz you're trying to impress them man; youre tryin to get their attention.

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Q: Why do guys act so cool around girls?
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Do guys tend to act cool around girls they like?


Do guys act better around girls they like when there alone?

Actually, yes. With guys, if they are around their friends, they try to act all cool and end up acting really trashy with you. But if you are alone with him, he can be sweet.

Why do girls like jerks but not nice guys?

not all girls do they just act that way to seem cool.

Why do girls act so inocent around guys?

because they think that the guy likes good girls

You like this girl and you took her and her friends out question is do girls act different around her friends?

yes girls try to impress their friends to find out how she really acts take her out by herself Totally! Girls are trying to stay cool around their friends and not make a fool around them. If you guys were by yourselves, she would just be herself.

Do guys like girls that act dumb?

it all depends on the guy. I don't like girls like that but most guys that act dumb like girls that act dumb

Why do guys always pretend to be aloof around girls who like them?

THEY THINK THEY ARE BEING COOL, BUT THEY ARE REALLY SHY....I might add, it makes them feel macho and that in itself is not cool in my opinion.

Do guys like girls who act like a guy?

Every guy is different. But most guys i know don't like girls who act like guys. Only some people do: but they usually like girls who act like themselves.

Why do guys act perverted around girls?

Because we feel uncomfortable and attempt to use humor to mask that.

Why do guys act like guys?

guys act like guys because they try to look all cool around their women they try to protect her act like they are they shining armor but when the boys hang out with the boys the treat their women like a piece of tissue,a maid,and a servant that's why guys act like guys Because thei're guys.. kind of a no brainer dont you think??

How do you get more popular with guys?

Join Sports. Most 'Popular' guys are jocks... Or just act cool around them. Don't be weird and like; stalk them >.> Just be like, Mr. Cool Guy Man.

How does cool guys act if they like you?

Like Jocks.