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It is one of the gateways that may lead to a relationship that includes intimate and lust-like activities, which some girls want.

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Q: Why do girls want to have their breasts touched?
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Can Breasts Be Touched?

Female breasts are touched or played with during foreplay, otherwise some women/girls find it ok if their botfriend/girlfriend touch them

How do girls get bigger breasts?

There is no reason for you to want bigger breasts

You want breasts?

who doesn't? girls be honest

Where do girls like getting touched at?

Well girls like it when you touch there butt or if your kissing touch her butt or boobs.

Do girls want to have large breasts?

They usually want medium-sized breasts. They don't want to be flat-chested, nor do they want breasts so large that they are made fun of or objectified.

How do girls get there breasts bigger?

Not sure this is what I want to know

Why do girls gasp when there breasts are touched?

Because, the breasts are a personal matter and it surprises girls when they are touched in this particular area. We can tell when it's accidental, so think twice before you do it. If you and your gf are getting intimate just be gentle, this area can be sensitive sometimes. Gently touch, don't grab. This is an act of love and intimacy, not a game of aggression. But in most cases, girls like this feeling and are surprised about how good it feels.

Is it bad to want you breasts to be sucked on?

No .... I think it's a female thing to want your breasts touched and stucked on. Guys do things like suck on our breasts and kiss our necks to say "i love you". It's not a bad thing to want this to happen because it makes you less nervous for when you have sex .

Do girls touch there breasts?

You have the right to touch yourself anywhere you want to.

Why do girls always want breasts?

Girls always want boobs cause guys think they are hot and it draws attention to themselves.

Why girls has breasts?

girls have them to feed babies. (You may want to change your wording whoever wrote the question.)

Can girls have man breasts?

Girls may have small breasts but they are still girl breasts.