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They seek a more romantic, intimate, meaningful relationship.

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Q: Why do girls want a relationship?
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Do girls want a controlling boyfriend?

Not usually. Girls usually want someone who cares and some freedom when it comes to a relationship. If you are to controlling in the relationship, you are probally going to lose her.

What do girls not want guys to do in a relationship?

They want to be treated very well and looked after :) they don't want them to use them :( :)

Why do girls want to have their breasts touched?

It is one of the gateways that may lead to a relationship that includes intimate and lust-like activities, which some girls want.

Why do girls play with relationship?

Not every girl do, but maybe they want to feel important.

Why do girls flirt but not want a relationship?

because then their options are open and flirting is fun

What do guys have in there bodys that girls don't have?

testosterone. Girls have more hormones. Both make the person want to have a sexual relationship.

How true is it that girls are gold diggers?

It is true that some girls are gold diggers, but the majority of girls aren't. Most girls want a good, loving relationship and are not gold diggers.

I want to meet redhead girls between 16-18 for friends or relationship how and where?

Their are online dating web-sites where you can meet girls.

Why in a relationship guys want to go so quick?

because they think that girls are just for fun.

Why a girl does not want to hurt a guy by not having a relationship?

Because girls are sensitive and don't want to hurt guys because they will have it on their consicience!

Why do girls say they want to marry you but don't want a relationship with you now?

because right now, youre a loser and she needs her reputation.

Why do guys hump girls?

OK well these are reasons why guys hump girls...they want to have sexthey probably want to have kidsbecause they want to do itbecause they are probably in the mood andbecause they are married orthey have a really good relationship...