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Because they want something to be in there to help them orgasm. If she's thrusting her hips, she wants something to thrust back.

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Q: Why do girls thrust their hips when aroused?
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Why girls use long heels?

To Thrust the Hips forward as In a ready Mating position.

How do you thrust into a women properly?

Just thrust from the hips, do what feels comfortable without hurting her - practise makes perfect. get her to lay on the bed facing upwards so its easier, thrust from the top of your hips each time you thrust slide your penis into her vagina get faster and harder each time!

Referring to Benedick as Senior Mountanto calling him the name of a fencing thrust Beatrice uses?

It means that she wants to thrust her hips at him.

Why do boys like feeling girls hips?

some boys like girls with big hips....

Will girls get aroused if they are kissed deeply by her lover?

Girls can physiologically get an erection (their clitoris contains the same type of erectile tissue that is found in the penis) when aroused but whether they get aroused by a kiss depends on the girl. Not everyone is aroused by the same things.

Should girls thrust during sex?

Yes, girls should thrust to meet the boys thrusts.

Why the hips of the girls is grow added than boys?

I'm assuming you meant why are girls hips wider than boys, and the answer is that girls hips widen in order to support a child if the girl were to get pregnant

What do girls do when making out?

they start getting aroused

How do you hold a girls hips when you kiss her?


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Child bearing hips..... They can have children. Or have children with less then a problem.

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