Why do girls talk a lot more than boys?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Girls are more emotional than boys and also because they have more common interest do to how girls are more emotionally challenge

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Q: Why do girls talk a lot more than boys?
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Why do girls talk more than boys?

Girls talk more than boys due to a certain protein in their brain. The protein is Foxp2 and girls have more of it than boys. This protein is associated with talking.

Do boys talk more than girls?

well actually girls do talk more than boys. because of how girls or more you emotionally and they have more common interest in a lot of things that boys aren't in

Is their more girls then boys?

There are more girls than boys.

Are there more girls than boys in 2012?

their are more girls than boys

How do you know when a boys really wants to talk to you?

Well to be honest if he wants to talk to you i think he just would as boys have more confidence than girls (:

Are boys more ashy than girls?

boys are just as likely to be shy as girls. if anything, girls may outweigh boys in that regard by a small amount. but generally, there's just as many quiet boys as there are girls. As far as a shy boy being more shy than a shy girl, that isn't likely. boys are more pressured to talk with girls, if nothing else, to score. having said that, girls are probably more shy than boys.

Does England have more boys than girls?

no england has more boys than girls

What do boys do more than girls?

Boys shave there hair more than girls

Who has more hair girls or boyS?

Boys. Girls have more hair's than Boys!

Is there more girls than boys in japan?

Yes there are more girls than boys in Japan.

Do girls read faster than boys?

Yes girls read faster then boys as they talk also faster then boys.

Are girls more shy than boys?

no girls are more outgoing then boys. at times girls can be shy but boys are shyer then girls.