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No, in fact most girls prefer when a guy texts back fairly fast, because when a guy takes a long time to text back it makes the girl feel as if he has better things to do than talk to her, or it appears that he is uninterested and that the girl is annoying.

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There could be many reasons why someone takes a long time to text back, such as being busy, distracted, or not wanting to appear too eager. It's important to communicate openly with the person to understand their preferred communication style and expectations.

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cuz we r thinking about our return carefully so we dont embarras ourselves. we r fragile and self conscious

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Q: Why do girls take forever to text back?
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What does it mean if your boyfriend texts you saying be right back I'm doing something?

WELL my man taking forever to text back so i'll Just wait . If he doesnt then dont text him back.

People who text 4 in the morning do they like you?

Sometimes guys text girls pretty early in the morning just to see who will text back. But I could be wrong. Some guys will text girls that early and only her because he likes her.

How long do guys take to text you?

for me? I depends on the boy. This one boy takes FOREVER but then other guys text pretty fast.

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Should a guy text a girl he likes back even though she hasn't replied to him yet?

No, if he doesnt text back then obviously he is not should just leave him alone.

Why does it take so long for her to text back?

Cuz you are ugly.

Why do boys take a long time to text back?

I am a boy my self but. boys don't always text right back because they don't know how to answer your text or are asked to do something from their parents.

What does it mean if a girl doesnt text you back?

Sometimes girls don't text back because they got too busy and forgot. Some people may not text back right away if you are texting too often.

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