Why do girls look at other girls?

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2010-11-11 19:21:46

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Girls look at other girls either in curiosity, jealousy or because they are mad at the other girl and is maybe giving them a dirty look. Girls may also look at other girls if they have feelings for the other girl.

Sometimes girls look at other girls because they admire them.

They see these girls in a positive light, and many times they wish to emulate them or to be like them. Hello, role models!!!

Remember, the younger the girl is the more concerned she is with self image, and who better to model than other girls.

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2010-11-11 19:21:46
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Q: Why do girls look at other girls?
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Do girls look after other girls personal items?

as in objects? yes they do

Are you a lesbian if you look at other girls' breasts?

No. You are only a lesbian if you are sexually attracted to other girls.

How do you get a girlfriend jealous?

Look at other girls, say they r hot under your breath, talk to other girls, and basically do a lot of stuff with other girls.

Do girls look at other girls peeing?

they don't normally look? but they go in the toilet together :) but sometimes they watch each other pee if they are two young girls that go into the same toilet

Will a girl date you if you dont have money?

There are some girls that look at money and other girls that look at the guy and the type of person he is.

Why do women look at other men when with you?

Girls just like to have a look. Like when we look at other women most of the time.

What does it mean if a guy seems to look at you more then other girls and seems to do favors for you that he doesn't do to other girls?

Well obviously he has a crush on you.

What does a lesbian look like?

they look like any other girl would. a lesbian is a girl who dates other girls

What do girls actually look for in guys?

Young girls usually want handsome guys that will make other girls envious. More mature girls and women will look for a good provider, and someone who will treat them nicely.

What if your girlfriend thinks you are unfaithful to her when you are looking at other girls she thinks that you looking at other girls mean you dont love her?

well first of all just dont look at other girls asnd then you wont have that isue but if you cant not look at other girls then just let her know that you love her and that wont change just from looking at some girl

How do you get girls to hate each other?

Girls from adolescence to adulthood tend to naturally be very critical of each other. The smallest offence, such as a look, a remark, or gossip can cause girls to hate each other.

Do girls really just care about what they look like?

Girls do care about how they look, but they care about other things like guys, school, friends. Girls arent barbies thinking about how they look constantly.

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