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because it makes them feel very much loved and secure.

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Q: Why do girls like to be held around the waist?
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Where do teenage girls like to be held on their body?

some girls like being held on their ass it makes them feel like u think they have a ass and some other girls are shy and just like it wen u put your arms around there waist or just give them a hug girls love tight long hugs.

What does girrdle mean?

Do you mean "girdle"? It's something which goes around the waist, like a belt. Nowadays it suggests a female undergarment popular in the 1950s which held in the waist and made it look slimmer, sort of a toned-down corset.

What did the kids in ancient Greece wear?

For the kids, boys, they wore cloth around their waist like shorts or skirts. The girls dressed in white clothes until they celebrated their youth.

What waist size is 50''?

waist size is on how many centimeters your waist is around like size zero is really small and over size 14 is big.

What type of women does plies like?

He likes pretty face big waist white/light skinned girls

Guys - What do you like for girls to do when making out - On the couch - Legs open or closed - Do you like to roam your hands around her body?

Guys like it when girls aren't to open to being kissed. They like it when girls give them challenges. On the couch is good for any guy. Legs closed usually, if they're open, it could be more of an invitation to more then just kissing. Guys do like roaming their hands, but like it even more girls don't like being touched too much. Guys liek their hands around the waist, back, neck.

Does Justin Bieber like girls that are chuby?

honestly i doubt Justin likes chubby girls.. or maybe cute face chubby waist? idk..just throwing it out there

What is vertical seam?

A vertical seam is like the one on the side of jeans that goes up from the hem to the waist. A horizontal seam is like the one that goes around the waist where the waistband is attached.

What kind of clothes did African wear?

they where them clothes around ther waist and on them head like that

How did the Taino women dressed?

they dressed with cotton around their waist but ordinary people did not dress like that

Where do guys like you hold during a hug?

Around the waist and then slide your hands down to his bum

How do you measure girls structure like 28-32-36?

For the bust-waist-hip measurements you take the body circumferences (in inch) at the fullest point of the bust, then the thinnest point of the waist and again the fullest point of the hips.