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bacause its kind of rought n feel good//

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Q: Why do girls like it for boys to pull there hair during sex?
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Why do girls usually have longer hair than boys?

boys like girls with long hair because girls with short hair look like dudes

Do boys like upperlip hair of girls?


How many boys like girls with brown hair?

Most boys have a preference for hair color. It's a myth that boys like girls with blond hair than with brown hair. Worry more about your personality than the color of your hair.

Do boys like girls who have long hair?


Do girls like boys that has hair on there penis?

If the girl likes you, she wont mind anything, yes boys have hair around their penis and girls have hair down there by their vagina

Why girls grow long hairs than boys?

Generally girls have long hair, and boys have shorter hair.Because girls like to pretend as princesses, and boys are too lazy to take care of their hair.

Does most boys like girls with straight hair?

There is no way to know what most boys think about girls with straight hair. What is important is that you are happy with yourself, regardless or your hair style.

Yes boys do like girls with brown hair and the eye clolor?

well some boys do and some boys don't but if you think he does like you and your hair then ask him out.

Why do boys have more hair than girls in their body?

they got more hair because boys are are like dogs and girl are like hair less dogs

Do girls like boys touching their hair?

That's a definite no.

Can boys have long hair?

Of course boys can have long hair its just girls like it better long and boys prefer its short its just to make girls and boys equal.

What hairstyle do boys like to see on girls?

well according to what i like to see in boys hair is black spiked hair omg its so fit