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i think cos they thik its sexy and a sign of love

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Not all girls like hard sex. Sexual preferences vary among individuals regardless of gender. It is important to communicate and establish mutual consent and boundaries with your partner to ensure a satisfying and respectful sexual experience.

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Q: Why do girls like hard sex?
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Who is the guy in a girls guide to 21st century sex?

Stefan Hard

What type of butts are good for sex?

Girls with big butts are good for sex, but there is no hard and fast rule here. i would say skinny girls

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Why do girls nipples get hard during sex?

Nipples can become erect or hard due to arousal and the release of oxytocin, a hormone associated with sexual pleasure. Increased blood flow to the area can also contribute to nipple sensitivity and firmness during sexual activity.

How do you feel like your having hard core sex?

if you mean how does it feel it feels quick and rough. some people love it especially on a girls g spot. it's sometimes called rough sex.

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