Why do girls like boys to lick there feet?

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2011-01-26 06:15:09

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Because to some girls it feels like a foot massage

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2011-01-26 06:15:09
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Q: Why do girls like boys to lick there feet?
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Why do men like to lick girls feet?

guys love licking girls feet because of how soft and tasty( some ) really are and guys think of girls feet like goddesses ruling the world

Why do girls like to lick boys testicle?

It gives them a happy feeling inside a sexual urge

Why guys lick girls boots?

If they lick boots then they must have a boot fetish.... If you mean 'like' then because they might just genuinly like the boot like you might like a boys shoe :)

Where do boys like to lick on girl's body?

The vast majority of boys would like to lick the girl's vagina while others like to lick their breasts.

Why do you love girls feet?

hi. i love to lick girls feet because it shows them my devotion and i like doing it. they seem to like the feel of it,but more they like to look at aguy doing it. imagine watching a guy willing to let you put your foot in his face and lick it for your pleasure.

Why do people like to lick and suck to girls feet?

This is called a fetish. It is sexually exciting to the people who are doing this.

Why do boys like to smell girls feet sweat?

I don't know, but I like do smell another place of the girls.

Are girls like 5 feet 10 inch boy?

5 feet 10 inch girls are like 5 feet 10 inch boys... only, girlier.

How many boys like girls feet?

10 the last i counted No one

Why do some boys like feet?

No one knows, it's just something that makes boys attracted to you more, and some girls like feet too you know.

Why do young boys like to smell girls' feet?

i have never seen a young boy smell a girls feet. or be attracted to girls feet unless the toes on her are painted a bright color

You like to smell mens feet and armpits does that mean your gay?

If u like girls also no,but if u like boys and their feet yes..

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