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The nipples get larger so as to better suckle the baby.

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Q: Why do girls get big nipples when they are pregnant?
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If a cat is a girl do they have big nipples?

not unless their pregnant

Do boys like when girls have big nipples?

Not abnormally large nipples. If they are too big and widespread that's not attractive

Can your dog have nipples and not be pregnant?

Yes, they have nipples just like humans do, pregnant or not. But the nipples get larger when they are pregnant.

What causes girls to get big nipples?

There are many things that can cause girls to have big nipples. The most common is simply just genetics. It also matters of the foods that they eat and if they have had a child or not. and if theyre really really really FAT

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Her nipples will get bigger if you sqeeze them milk maycome out it really depends on how big they are

What does it mean if guinea pigs nipples are big?

it means your guinea pig is pregnant and you should get them checked out

What do your nipples look like when you are pregnant?

When I was pregnant with my son my nipples got darker.

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That is a very good thing because guys love girls with big gives them more to suck

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Do girls without her period have nipples?

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