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Actually its the other way around, girls mainly talk about cloths, shoes, make up, etc.. which is so annoying. I have yet to hear 1 smart conversation between 2 girls.

Now if the only guys you met are annoying - you might want to think what is it about you that attract annoying guys.

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14y ago
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2mo ago

It's not accurate to say that all girls find guys annoying. Each person has their own preferences and boundaries. It's important to communicate openly and respectfully in any relationship to address any annoying behaviors.

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12y ago

They're, not - GIRLS are they! LOL! :) Actually boys are silly- Girls Are cool & Sexy!

anser,you never know some boys r silly(like always)and some boys are sencible(somtimes)i played with boys when i was 8,i always played with boy and girls do it doesn't matter what gender they are always goin to be silly

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13y ago

Girls for some reason are more patient than boys. But it depends on the boys cause not all boys are the same. If you get what I mean..

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Q: Why do girls find guys annoying so much?
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Depends on the guy. Some do and some don't. no Hiiii! Guys always tell me that girly girls are annoying! But they also think that if you are to much of a tomboy you are kinda like a man. So i would find a nice middle!

Do guys like girls who talk a lot?

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Why are guys so much more immature then girls In most cases?

guys arent girls r more immature

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Nice guys get girls too, just most girls go for the tough guys. We like guys who lead the relationship, so there isn't much expected from us... So sometimes, being tougher works more, but be urself and im sure u will find the right girl

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Girls like nice guys so if you are nice it doesn't make much difference on the outside.

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Yes. Smart guys often find much better jobs and have much better lives. Appearance becomes less important as people grow up.

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